The rapidly evolving regional economic landscape creates a traction for massive investment in Asia which sets up Pakistan as the principal access toworld’s largest potential market. Silk Rute Gateway-1, the reincarnation of traditional silk route as a digital highway, is your smartest reach to the global telecommunication hub in the making.
Inception of a SMART Regional Network

SRG-1 originating from Karachi (Pakistan) terminates at Muscat (Oman) stemming out at Gwadar (Pakistan) through a branch unit, enabling Pakistan with optimal connection to East, West and Gulf regions through 15 major global cable systems available in Oman. SRG-1 now stands as the pioner cable system connecting Gwadar (the next economical hub of Asia) to the telecom world.

Access to the most happening market in the region

SRG-1 is your access to Pakistan where ICT is increasingly becoming ubiquitous part of peoples behavior, social networks, core business operations and government services. The boom in Pakistan telecom market is a testimony that country’s receptivity towards new technologies & servicesis exemplary. This overwhelming trend is evident through exponential rise in 3G/4G usage, rapid penetration in broadband subscriptions and enormous increase in global capacity demands.

The true gateway to the Silk Route

SRG-1 is your gateway to the most significant economies of traditional silk route. The global carrier community can extend their reach to China, Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics through an unprecedented route,especially designed to complement the budding regional economic cooperation.

Connecting to the unrivalled regional hub of Oman
SRG1 is one of the 15 major cables landing in Oman -the focal point for connecting Gulf to the World. Oman manifests as a massive telecommunication hub and the first choice for reaching out to Africa, India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, China and the Central Asian countries to access the Gulf States. Lucrative pricing and overwhelming options to reach global destinations from Oman leave customers spoilt for choices.
Design & Configuration
  • SRG-1 is planned from Karachi (Pakistan) to Muscat, Oman
    with potential extension and landing at Gwadar (Pakistan).
  • Two Fiber Pairs System Design.
  • Designed Capacity 10 Tbps per Fiber Pair (100 waves of
    100G each).
SRG-1 consortium currently comprises of the Omantel and Infostructure Pakistan where as some other parties are also under discussion to join in. SRG-1 consortium is open to bring in more partners to extend the project’s value proposition to global carrier community.
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